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The Verdict

It just won’t stop. Today there was a new verdict of the Eric Garner trial of a NY police officer putting a man into a choke hold, in which apparently it is illegal in NY but the grand jury ruled that the police officer that used unnecessary force during the arrest of this victim which eventually caused his death should not be indicted.

This is a repeated issue in which is a serious injustice and makes me want to say why is that these grand jurors coming up with these decisions, especially in the case of Eric Garner because the shit wsd on camera.

It’s almost like deja vu’ because we all just dealt with this same shit last week listening to the verdict of Mike Brown and how there was no indictment for the police officer that fatally killed a teen after a fight in which I would agree should have been arrested but not killed.

I personally can say that I am disappointed but pretty much what the prosecutor said about the Ferguson case was if you don’t like what happened work on changing the laws.

In which he has a point there is so much shit that happens in this world and we have sat and took it and didn’t shake shit up.
I am a happy that after all this time people were able to continue their protests because we all know how people are with situations like this.

We need to do is make changes and again shake shit up so we don’t have to have this shit happened every few years.

After all the information we’ve received from this whole thing we know that Mike Brown wasn’t entirely innocent throughout this whole ordeal, but anyone with half a brain knows that the force from Officer Wilson was a complete misuse of power that the police tend to use and try their best to clean up the mess they made.

It’s the same thing about the Eric Garner case in which you would have to be blind, deaf and incompetent to not clearly see that the police were trying to start some shit and that’s clearly what they did.

President Obama said that “it’s time to stop talking about it and time for action”. You can’t help to agree since the Attorney General Eric Holder will do a complete review of the Eric Garner case. At this point we can only hope that there will be change because shit us just going to keep getting worse.

The protests are all good but honestly what is that going to do if we don’t do more to actually make changes. I know that many of the most recent generation didn’t have tge experience our older family members had during the sixties but we need to do more than just walking in the streets.


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Everyone is an activist

So if you logged on to the internet within the past 48 hours your should’ve come across the story about Mike Brown; if not please stop being a dumbass and go do some research.
There is still an investigation and angered citizens in St. Louis and many corners of the world about the recently graduated teenager who was killed by a police officer. 
OK so let me say this first, I am going to look at this as a person being killed and not by race. I know that racism is still alive and unfortunately well in this world and I think it will start to really become smaller once all the old racist start dying off, but that’s a discussion for a different post. In this case I know that it may unbelievably apparent that it might have been a race issue but the cop is still a mystery until more details come out.
Moving on… the death of this teenager was unnecessary, inexcusable and from all of the eyewitnesses that were interviewed so far it seemingly should be that the officer should be put underneath a prison, but knowing how well the justice department looks out for their own there will have to be a big ass miracle that will have to happen in order for this fool to go to jail.

This is a terrible tragedy that has happened to this teenager and his family and friends, which so happened to had been overshadowed yesterday by the suicide of Robin Williams. Since then people have been in an uproar on social media and everyone has turned into a social networking activist. What I say to those people is…sit your ass down.

This is not the first nor last the last time shit like this will happen, unless there is a change. People are quick to get up in arms when shit like this happens but once the judge has made their ruling or people stop(sorry to say) giving a shit people just give up and move on. The best and more recent example is the Trayvon Martin case. People were ready to rally and march and wearing hoodies, and I got it but once shit was final in court people moved on.
People like to make a blow out of everything and then when people are barely talking about it, its on to the next.

Let me make this clear the deaths of Mike Brown,  Trayvon Martin and countless others are not and should not be the talk of things when “the man” has fucked up and killed someone or shit has gone down.  People should not use it as the occasional quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rev Al Sharpton when trying to relay the injustice that happened that one day during the hype of situations like this. The deaths of these young men should not be taken in vain when the time is right.

During times like these everyone wants to act like Martin and Malcolm but don’t have what it takes to actually make a difference. See if one thing that sets these fake ass activists from legends in history is that they weren’t going to stop until things were right. They didn’t take breaks and talk about other shit, they had a task make change and a difference and they were fully aware of the risks when it came down to getting shit correct. These fake ass activists only will advocate during times in which some people are getting killed. 
Now I know someone reading this might say “hell since you talking about why don’t you be about it” I have no problem saying I am not an activist nor am I one to make change.  I am a leader and follower in some situations just like many of us are. I have brilliant moments in which I lead and others in which I know I need to follow and let someone else take the wheel. My moments in leading are not nowhere near helping to move millions of people into a united future.  I have no problem saying I know my limits.
Many people on social media are Internet famous and thats all good to be able to spread some informative news that’s happening around the world to make people aware but hey don’t be a part time advocate, take that platform that Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams,  Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger and many others have invented and use it make some noise.
It all cool to be on and sign a petition but do more.
The Occupy movement was all good but damn where the hell are they. I honestly haven’t heard mich from them in a while. I mean with them it’s the perfect platform to start from they are trying to help the 99% and with the killing of innocent people I’m sure there had to be some division of there organization that has to deal with the needs of 100% of the population if not and one if them reads this,  I strongly recommend that you do it would be for the betterment of this country we live in.
Everyone has ideas, it’s the one person who acts upon them and make them happen.

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