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Therapy Session

I swear niggas are slow they are just as confused as females that claim to know what they want.
A female can say that they want a relationship but as soon as it’s started and that honeymoon phase is over she trying to call it quits or does some shit to fuck it up.

It’s been on and off between me and this asshole and for a brief time it ended but like magnets couldn’t stay away from each other. I get a whole big speech of how we should be together and blah blah blah.
Totally apprehensive about going back eventually we do now and I get some bullshit of how he not trying to be in a relationship with me because I have an attitude problem and don’t take anything serious.

REALLY NIGGA!!!?!!?!!!!!?!!?!!!!?

I refuse to be one of the people that start inadvertently start telling their ex or whatever to accept them for the person they are by saying ” how bad they are going to miss them”, “how lucky they were” and some bullshit of “how they won’t find anyone like them”.
You know the dumb shit. I hate when people, primarily females practically begging a muthafucker to not break up and take them back.

Sorry but not sorry.

BITCH grow a fucking spine and walk away from that chicken dinner and get you a winner, without that “I ain’t going to beg your ass but actually I am” attitude.

Anyway back to me a buddy, I know that I am a smart ass, sarcastic muthafucker but I don’t look at it as having a bad attitude. You can’t really say that I have a bad attitude if your an asshole and can’t tell me a single example of what I did. I am a person that I learn from example. You can’t say I did something wrong but not tell me what I did. That doesn’t make any fucking sense. ANYWHERE.

Who the fuck is he to say that I don’t take shit seriously. That alone is a clear fucking sign that this asshole doesn’t know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground. 

This is the shit I go through being single and dealing with idiots. I honestly hold back the most in some of the shit that he says, so excuse the fuck out of me. If a collective group of people heard the simplest shit that comes out of his mouth they might think he was dropped on his head. LOL slightly kidding.

UGH! I needed to vent about this idiot because my best friend and sister would’ve slapped the shit out of me once I finished, hell maybe mid way of me yelling, screaming and; dare I say it; crying. Sad I know but hey muthafucker I can’t be gang banging on everything.

LMAO…I tried to say that shit as if I gave a fuck about this bitchass nigga.


I say this now because I am on the outskirts of relationship zone, but because I’ve known this same asshole for nearly 10 years now I know that it’s going to take a minute before we put each other back in friendzone.

Before you even say, we’ll technically he has been put you in the friendzone, fuck you bitch no he hasn’t. This punk ass is too proud to admit shit and sadly to say I know him to well. Plus not to really go there but he praises my pussy every time I’m in his presence. He damn sure isn’t the only one, who does either.

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