Birthday fun

20 Nov

Ok so my birthday has come and gone. I am 9 รท 243. I could tell you or you can do the math. Try to not use a calculator, this is totally simple math that anyone can do despite if you’re an expert or beginner.  If you can’t please return back to elementary school.

Anyway I was home alone for the weekend because my roommates had to go to a funeral. I was cool with it because I was able to play “house” without nosey niggas all in my business. So with me being alone I was able to get my freak on. It was alright, but the 4 play I got from someone else wss better.

I know that may seem like I had a 3-some or it was just confusing, but let me explain.

Ok old buddy I spent the day with, literally all day. He left a few hours before my birthday began and promised to return to stay the night. I received a call from new buddy which led to him singing happy birthday and me going to see him. Spent a little time together to which it led to him trying to give me head. So I was already for my plans with old buddy but didn’t want to be a slut bucket so i had to back away from new buddy although he was kissing me in all the right places that made it unbelievably hard to say no. New buddy has soft hands and lips and wanted to please me so it was hard to keep saying no but ultimately I had to leave. Not to say anything was promised to new or old buddy it was just strange position I was in. Look I’m a girl who occasionally has morals so that was the reasoning of my predicament.

After I left I kept thinking about new buddy and getting calls to come back but I didn’t.
Old buddy was waiting for me in which I had amazing sex with new buddy in my head while old buddy was physically enjoying it.

After I recapped everything the next morning I felt slight regret but that went away after I made plans with new buddy that evening.

To bring this story to a close I had really great sex with new buddy only thing is that it was less than 24 hours that I was with old buddy. Just 3 hours shy to have it be completely 24 hours.

So yes I was a slut bucket on my birthday but dammit it was my birthday.
I know some may not entirely agree but hey its how i felt.

Anyway that’s how I can remember this birthday.

In other news

* My job has laid off about 100 supervisors and manager’s so I need to stay on the good side; until I my baking skills are impeccable to my standards that I’m satisfied with to leave them.

* I tried making cake pops or cake balls and it’s definitely a trial and error process. The mixture wasn’t am issue it was the coating and getting the balls to stay on the damn stick once I dipped them in the chocolate. I figured out how after the 5th time (sticking them in the freezer for about 5 to 10 min) but I’m not entirely impresed. I may need to cover them with fondant. If i can get it right.

See you all until next time

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Posted by on November 20, 2013 in Life, My Thoughts, News


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