It’s the final count down

01 Nov

Alright so it’s November 1st and only 8 more days until the remembrance of the day I busted out of my mother’s vagina.

Also next week, just days before my birthday I will be making 84 cupcakes.
6 different flavors.
6 different designs.
6 different frosting.

Yea me!? I know all I want to do is bake and come up with awesome flavors but damn talk about give me a brief moment to breathe. The only reason I say this is because I have full time job that I work a 10 hour shift, so yhis whole 84 cupcakes thing seems like a lot but I am very anxious and ready to see the look when I deliver them.

In even better news in which sucks for me that Friday after I delivered all my cupcakes I will be traveling to my great aunts so that we can bury her husband tgr next day.

“The next day”, yes you read that correctly. “Wait?!? Isn’t that your birthday.” Why yes, yes it is.

Talk about celebrating your birthday, your life and the fact that you are alive to see another year and you are going to a funeral. Uhhhh AWKWARD.

Last year my phone was stolen and this year burying a man I don’t recall meeting. Oh well I am going for support of my aunt and I think that’s the best.

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