From Stan to Fan/Lupe Fiasco – Old School Love

14 Oct

Alright so I’m a huge HUGE Lupe Fiasco fan and I have recently changed my status from “stan” to “fan”.  I look at as if a stan is a deranged fan that love anything and everything that artist does and sorry that not me. It never was, well I can’t say that entirely because I would tell people to not talk shit about Lupe in my presence, but I wasn’t in love with every and anything. Some of his views differ from mine and hell if you ever heard him speak about political issues thats when many of them are different, but I’m not going to get into that now.

Some people can be honest and say “that song sucks” and still be a fan listening to the old shit and expecting something amazing for what maybe next. I look at those people as fans. For anyone that is aware of who Lupe is awesome for you if not go google him bitch (lol channeling Jesse, from Beaking Bad). What struck this conversation was the release of his new single Old School Love. I seen someone make a comment of “there was no new to sample just download”. Now I have no problem supporting music but sorry I spend my money for good shit not music that barely reaches the “ok” bar.
I’m sure many would agree and others not but if don’t why? Why should I spend money on some music my favorite artist put out and it wasn’t something I cared for?

I’m not trying to knock anyone who likes the song but some people act like everything is amazing sorry I’m going to blow smoke anyone’s ass and say the shit is good knowing that to me I could really give two rat shits about it, but hey to each is own.

Disclosure: Let me make this clear and known I am not hating. People nowadays have a hard time distinguishing an opinion from hating.
Sad you have to break simple shit down for dumbass people.

Here’s the new single. Listen and you decide how it is.

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Posted by on October 14, 2013 in Music, My Thoughts


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