Don’t worry I’m alive

27 Sep

I know I know. I am such a damn liar, based upon my last post. I’ve had a lot of weird and random ass thoughts in which I wanted to let you all be apart of but i was so damn bust by this thing called life that i damn near forgot this was the best place to talk about shit. You all are such great listeners (readers).

It’s hard keeping up with this blogging shit. Its damn near like a full time job. I already have one and don’t need another.

I’ll just give you some brief highlights since the last time…i am phucking on the regular, well whenever buddy is in town, i am baking more and having a lot of self reflecting days. I’ve been looking to do the grown up thing and try and buy a house so hopefully i will be able to share that with you all and clearly working if not i would be at the local library and that would be unbelievably sad.

Any who its been real, i don’t want to keep you too long plus i want to make a couple of changes to the site. Look for those, like you really give a damn. I think i should tie a string around my finger to remind me to post my weird thoughts here.


Peace to the middle east and see you in a few weeks

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