I’mmmmmmmm back

12 Jun

Hey folks, man has it been a min since we last talked. I last left you when i was baking; celibate and freaking the fuck out from possibly being pregnant with someone’s spawn. Well just to bring you up to speed on what’s current, i am banging on a regular basis and NOT pregnant and still baking. Sorry i haven’t been posting as at least a good blogger would but hey i don’t so get over it.

I’ve had some shit that needed my full attention so hopefully everything is cool now. Anyway just because i don’t mind sharing; in a previous post i may have mentioned about my F.A.B. (fake ass boyfriend) well buddy is still around until shit gets serious or i find someone else but i think i may keep him around since he’s buying me shit. I know I know that’s slightly fucked up but hey it is what it is. I don’t ask for shit he offers and he can afford it.

Now as for more updates about my baking i will get back to my first love. I’ve taking. a few classes to touch up my skills so i can pay some bill. Hopefully i will be able to post some mouth-watering desserts this summer. Just a heads up i’m gonna be a little busy but i know that i can post some things for you to lick the screen.

So until next time and hopefully soon i will be posting more shit.

love your Suzy home-maker with a potty-mouth

P.S. So far as for music, for the start of the summer, I’ve been listening to Phoenix – Bankrupt! and Chuck Inglish – Drops

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