Have some bullshit and oh yea happy birthday

18 Nov

Last Friday was my birthday I turned 26 and ain’t shit change but nonetheless I am blessed to reach another year. Ok the day started off pretty good, I was receiving birthday wishes, I got paid not to mention I was off, which is ALWAYS a wonderful thing. I didn’t do everything I wanted because Sandy came through and fucked up my plans. Anyway I made the best of it by finding shit to do in Florida, unfortunately my fun was somewhat short lived because some dumb bitch stole my muthafuckin phone.

That’s rights you read that correctly. This bitch stole my phone right from my pocket which I still am confused about that shit. I was at a club having fun after having after 4 shots of my favorite drug, Patron. I was making the best out of situation because I originally didn’t plan on going and just wanted to chill but I was threaten to get my ass kicked if I didn’t, sisterly love.

I honestly haven’t been in a club in years and was thinking I am going to feel out of place and I wasn’t entirely up to date with all these wacky ass songs they play on the radio; luckily they was playing shit I knew. About that 5-10 minutes after my first shot I was feeling good so by time I got to my forth I was happy and loving everyone. I know for a fact I wasn’t drunk just tipsy.

The last thing I remember was checking my phone before heading to VIP. There I still had fun and got a free drink of something, don’t know what but it was so good. After that I realized my phone was gone and even though I was sad about it I had a big ass smile on my face when I was telling everyone.

The next day I did some major recon to locate my phone thinking someone would’ve been kind to return it but I was being naive. I was able to look online and see that the bitch that stole my phone lived in Miami and was calling and texting people. I was able to suspend the line and it was a good thing i had insurance but I had to pay $130 for the damn deductible.

What really pisses me off is I was having issues with phone and just bought a new battery and charger and this hoe took that shit. At this point she can keep the phone I just want the battery and memory card back. She can keep the rest of the bullshit.

Anyway in the end I got a new phone but I’m still slightly sensitive about the shit. This is something I will never forget but gift I didn’t want.

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