Get out and vote

08 Oct

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t registered to vote go do so NOW. It’s not difficult. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for because I don’t feel that I should tell anyone who or what to vote for; or anyone else should for that matter. For those who say “I’m not voting” please do everyone a favor and go play in a busy street. I truly can’t stand the assholes who say they’re not voting for some dumbass reason. There are places in the world in which people can’t vote for certain criteria and people are choosing not to vote for dumb shit. When Obama won people were expecting shit to change overnight, to which I say if McCain were POTUS they world expect the same. After the shit we came from the previous president there would have been no overnight miracles. My favorite hip hop artist is Lupe Fiasco and I have no problem disagreeing with his reason not to vote. He makes it very clear in his interviews and music that he is not voting for Obama, which is cool but if for him to be in the position that he’s in, he could manage to do something instead of yelling in the wind. He always has negative things to say about Obama but never that I have heard of what can be done or that he has felt needs to be changed. For those of you who don’t know who Lupe is get the fuck off my shit. Nonetheless there are many avenues Lupe I think could’ve taken to voice his opinion to get shit done or hell at least try. It’s one thing to say you did something, tried and failed but another to don’t do anything and still be angry on how shit isn’t being done. He could’ve contacted anyone in his local government office and found the way to have his voice be heard. He could’ve protested, hell his fans did. There are maybe a few things that he maybe could’ve done but at this point un time its too late. Now he just sounds like a jackass, yet i still am a big fan of his music. People are constantly calling Obama;or any other person in office is a liar but are falling short of what they need to do for things to change. Making an uproar on a social network or in music doesn’t quite get the job done. There are procedures in place for us as Americans to take so we can make sure our government get shit done in our favor. Look at other countries, when they don’t like shit their government has done they take it to the streets and protest for days until they get what they they want. I’m not saying to be reckless as to what we may have seen from other countries but shit can be done properly without things spiraling out of control. For example the folks of Occupy Wall Street had ample opportunities to do what was needed then camp outside yelling and screaming. I get what they are doing but out of the hundreds of them there was that one that came up with the idea and they should’ve put things into motion of having things changed, because honestly if i would’ve worked on wall street and seen people sleeping on the side with their sign i would’ve kindly walked over them with no issue. We live in a time were there are no more MLK’s…Ghandi’s…Malcolm X’s. Its only people who will go one third of the way and not rest. No one out here is willing to be that advocate of the people and speak up and call government on their bullshit. The only way people will start is by some social network and then move on once they get bored and then when shit gets popping again they want to act like they have been on top of things from the jump. How are you going to be a half ass activist? This election period I don’t care who you vote for just do it as to how it benefits you. Educate yourself and don’t be a pussy to call people on their bullshit. For those of you who are still undecided at this time go play in a busy street with the “I’m not voting” idiots.

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Posted by on October 8, 2012 in My Thoughts, Politcs


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