Accidental celibacy

27 Sep

(PSA: I’m NOT looking for anything from some of the pervs reading this)

The last time i had sex, not counting by myself, was November 2011. This is a bittersweet moment because I remember times in which not getting any for a month was brutal. Months were flying by before I realized that I hadn’t been getting any.
This is an accidental celibacy not by choice or to better myself because its just not; it just happened. I could blame it on being busy but that would be a lie. I could say that I haven’t been horny but that would be a lie too. There’s been plenty of times in which I wanted rape niggas(all races) were they stood but, I never did. And no I didn’t have an STD either.
I just think that there hasn’t been anybody that I wanted to have sex with. I’ve out grown all the guys I use to have sex with. I guess I’m looking for someone who I don’t have to say anything and will know what to do. It’s fun meeting new people and other times it’s not but I feel it maybe sometime before I find Mr. Right Now to fuck me 60 ways till Sunday. I know that’s a lot but sex adjusts my attitude and without it for nearly a year is not a good thing.
I did the one night stand years ago and that’s not for me but I’m fine with that. I need someone who will play a part-time recurring role.
I guess since everything is a learning experience i have to dig deep to realize what this means, if anything. It’s not as if i was living a truly extreme promiscuous life, compared to some of these ratchet females. I guess I’ll just finish out my year until then I’m going to be glued to all the free porn websites.

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Posted by on September 27, 2012 in Dumb Sh*t, Life, Random Sh*t


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