I wonder about AIDS/HIV and blood transfusions

07 Aug

Saturday I decided to be like everyone else and spend my paycheck in the store for 50% of things I need and 50% of things i want. After I wait in line behind 6 people who are all being checked out by the same cashier, because the manager on duty fails to realize that this person needs help although they are standing near by to critique them; which always baffled the shit out of me.
I’m finally free of the dumb shit to be harassed by the blood bank guy offering movie tickets if give him some blood and how it’s a good thing to do. I kindly sad “no thanks” and walked off, yet he’s still talking to my back trying get me to change my mind. By the time I get to the other store i started thinking about how people get HIV/AIDS by blood transfusion. Seriously it’s not helping anyone to get some tainted blood that’s going fuck your life up.
HIV/AIDS by blood transfusion always was the most confusing ship to me. I know it may just be my ignorance of my lack of information of what they do after they drain our veins for blood but I can’t be the only one that thought of this. I mean maybe it’s me but if your going to be begging people for blood; that they’ll ultimately regenerate on their own; knowing damn well the times we’re in and the diseases and germs that human beings carry doesn’t make fucking sense to test the shit.
When I go to my doctor and ask them for an HIV/AIDS test they take my blood, so it’s clear that is the main ingredient needed to check to see if have it or not. Now if the test doesn’t work then they need to find another way of testing. I mean just think about it, if they do check the blood they receive and it doesn’t show up and that same blood that didn’t show up correctly in the test is given to you, now they are doing test saying you have HIV/AIDS.
Doing a little research there aren’t many cases in the US about blood transfusion incidents, but what about the rest of the world?
Doesn’t make sense to provide the technology of the test we have to help out our neighbours of the world. I guess that would be the right thing to do, I’m sure that we are helping out some but we need to help out all.
I don’t know I’m just speaking from a few things i know, I mean lets definitely not get started about how AIDS and HIV started. I know we all heard rumors and made our own jokes and observations but seriously the shit of how it started TRULY make no sense. First trying to blame it on gay people in ’81 and later damn near an epidemic SMH no fucking way. People prior to ’81 were raw doggin each other and fucking each other and 25 ways to Sunday and they were dealing with the basic diseases, some curable, but no not AIDS and HIV, these shit just came out of thin air. SMH I get pissed every time i think about it.
I’m out. Ya’ll marinate on it.

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