Happy Weed Dealer Appreciation Day

20 Apr


So for all the slow conservatives and wanna be liberals today is 4/20. Its a day in which many potheads, weed heads, whatever celebrate every year besides them doing it every other day. If you want more info about 4/20 be sure to Google.
I’m sure a lot of dealers are grateful of today because they have a possibility of running out of supply; this is like their biggest payday of the year. If your dealer was on the stock market you would definitely tell people to buy this stock because today is a day they will have a spike in sales.
My first time actually participating on 4/20 was last year i had a private stash for my bestfriends ex, in the end i didn’t get high because i wasn’t doing it long enough and i was paranoid lol. This was not my first time burning but that is another hilarious story I’ll share another time.
In the mean time listen to all your weed songs today which should include songs from Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Bob Marley and of course Bone Thugs N Harmony.

If you don’t smoke or get high good for you i could careless but you can listen to any Bone Thugs N Harmony song and get some feeling. If you haven’t tried it i wouldn’t advise today you start because the police are fully aware of today and it would be fucked up if your first time getting high you also got arrested. Its nothing wrong with celebrating today but if you do remember a few rules.
   1. Be cautious not paranoid (weed does alter some motor skills and other brain functions but you need to be clear as to what you are doing)
   2. Smoke indoors (weed is illegal unless you live in Amsterdam or California)
   3. Smoke with semi professionals (smoking with the pro’s when you have no clue what to do will guarantee that your only chance to get high by contact if you’re lucky)
   4. DO NO FUCKED UP THE ROTATION (take two hits and pass don’t hog it all)
   5. Don’t get your saliva all on it (remember you are sharing so no one wants your nasty ass germs plus that shit us gross)
   6. Don’t forget the drinks and snacks (you may not be hungry and you’ll possibly get cotton mouth)
   7. Remember who you’re smoking with (when people get high they sometimes like to share, just be mindful of what information you are telling people)

These are a few rules i think people can follow and still enjoy themselves but until next time Happy Fried-day haha just some 4/20 humor.

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