Dumb sh*t niggas do

02 Mar


If anyone knows this girl please ask her for her stylist information so she can be slapped. I mean seriously i blame the stylist because she didn’t do her job which was to consult with her customer about what was good. I know going to the saloon and coming out to with your hair looking good and different is what we strive for but there is a thin line between different and looking like a clown.

It obvious what took place here:

Jackass in picture: hey girl i want to get my hair done similar to Cassie but where its cut i want a leopard pattern, because i have this new leopard shoes i want to match.

Stylist: ok girl come by on Thursday

The stylist should have told her that not everything looks good, from there the stylist should have came to a better consensus of what the jacks up above ultimately chose. It clear that the stylist was only looking for the money she was going to get, and not looking at the bigger picture of going above what her customer would expect so that she can get more money and customers. 

SMH niggas

Now if the stylist did try and talk this girl of trying to not look like a Jackass and this chick was adamant then just slap this heaux.

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