Happy Birthday J Dilla

07 Feb


First and foremost if you don’t know who J Dilla is please exit the fuck off the planet. Now that we got that out of the way i want to say i honestly i was a J Dilla fan and didn’t know it. I’ve listened to a lot of amazing songs by artists and ultimately fell in love with flow of the song in its entirety and didn’t even notice who the main thing they had in common; J Dilla.

I was reading a blog today from Hexmurda of what he encountered when he found out about the passing of his friends, J Dilla and Big Proof and how even though these two great artist have died they have left an amazing legend behind of their music for us to enjoy.
It wasn’t until about a few years ago i met this dude from Detroit who introduced me to the music of what niggas listen to in the D. I was a little skeptical because i was not familiar with artists and their style but i eventually opened my ears and understood that the music in the D is not that bullshit you’re subjected to listening to on the radio. I was able to do a little digging and search and listen to the music of J Dilla, Black Milk, Elzhi, Danny Brown and many other artist. I can say i have so much music from artist in the Detroit in my ipod that you would think i was from there. With just about many artist from Detroit have possibly known, associated, or been inspired by J Dilla in some form.

(February 7,1979- February 10,2006)

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