Summer Leather Vest Ft Joe Budden-Unison

05 Jan

Sooo on twitter the other day i came across a great song to well phuck too. I’m not the type to have a soundtrack when having sex but hey i can honestly say that if a female that heard this song in a club or if you just so happen to play this song when you two are in a car if she has any sense she would take the time and listen and possibly thanks to Joe Budden you might get some box that day or even a little road head depending on how into the song she gets.

Summer Leather Vest Ft Joe Budden-Unison download

SN: The cologne 212 is a little old now but still overlooked. So if your messing around with a winner and not a chicken dinner wear that and play this song you have a good chance of getting the kitty, maybe more.

WARNING: 212 is a panty getter, wetter and dropper. This not to be used everyday but for those occasions when you are on the prowl. 212 is not to be used on hoodrats, skanks, skeezers and hoes.

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