What the f*ck were they thinking

27 Dec

When i first heard about a fan getting a tattoo of Drake’s name on her forehead all i could do was SMH


I mean seriously your that big of a fan of a soft semi-rap nigga in which i think he is better at singing than rapping, but that’s a different story. Then i read a story that the fan was a crackhead and things were making sense but then i saw this…


And my look of confusion was still there. I truly don’t understand why would this nigga would get a tattoo of someone he has never met, and not to mention but this is just a little overboard if you ask me. I loved Aaliyah as much ad the next person but I’m not going to have her face permanently inked in my body because i loved her music.

If this was coming from Dame Dash it would be partially understandable because he knew her and was in a relationship but this marshmallow nigga can not give any logical reason for this dumb shit.

UPDATE: Sooo browsing the internet and i come across this…


This tattoo of Yung Berg of his love for Aaliyah SMH am i the only person who think that these 2 mighty ducks are stupid as hell. I mean seriously they are getting a tattoo of someone they never met before, despite of who Aaliyah was its still a little strange and creepy that Drake and Yung Berg got similar tattoo’s.

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Posted by on December 27, 2011 in Dumb Sh*t, I wonder..., Music, Pictures


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