Sad News

10 Jan

First let me start off by saying yes i am a proud animal lover, despite my evil ways and foul mouth i love pets but, unfortunately this post is some sad news I must inform you but my 5 month old kitten that I was getting healthier from a case of mites( due to she was a stray which I saved from a nasty ass possum and the fate which took her bothers and sisters) has died. :*(

On December 31st at 12 am I realized I haven’t seen her and she didn’t eat her food so I went to find her and once I found her hiding under the couch scared a looked and saw rat poisoning was scattered all around in which she got into(which I forgot we had since 2007). I called the ASPCA Animal Poisoning and from there, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, went to the emergency vet.  After doing my best to stay calm and think best of the situation the vet came and pretty much said that my Sweetie was within the final stages with muscle spasms and fluid with her brain.

So the vet said that I one of two options: 

She could stay in the vet hospital for 3 days after they give her medicine  and wait and see if she will be able to get better but not a guaranteed and pay $2600.00 to $3000.00

The second option is to euthanize her (put her to sleep) for $200

From those options I broke down and cried and unfortunately I had to select option # 2.  As I got myself together I said my goodbyes and they took her away and I broke down again. I felt bad and still feel bad to this day. I am still sad that I had to bring in the New Year without her alive knowing just hours before I was crying and sad. Even though I thought I had saved her from a fate that her siblings had suffered unfortunately because my mind wasn’t aware of the hidden dangers lying around from years ago she is now with them.

Love you Sweetie
RIP Sweetie July 2010 – December 31st 2010

Oh yea Happy New Year.

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