24 and counting

09 Nov

Today is November 9th‚ which is my birthday. Today i am 24. I still have no kids and unnecessary drama whoo hoo. Sorry if i offended you in anyway in which you had your child young and you don’t have the same freedoms as me (insert evil laugh here).
Anyway i take a look back at when i was 23 and i decided to do things i wouldn’t normally do‚ and so with that said i will do the same for this year and the many years to come. I don’t completely ignore my conscience because i don’t to dumb shit but i do put more faith in trust into things i would normally chicken out on. I personally realized that when it comes to me doing more than what is expected of me or out of the norm i have more fun and i am taking chances in which i′m experiencing more and living life.
I always had this spirit in which i wanted to do exciting‚ spur of the moment things. Many times when in which i′ve experienced when you do what isn’t planned you may undoubtedly have a better time then what was originally planned.
As encouraging words live life to the fullest and thats it but for now Happy Birthday to me.

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Posted by on November 9, 2010 in Life, My Thoughts


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