My vote counted but it partially matters

04 Nov

November 3RD 2010…The results are in and it’s a mixed party for democrats and republicans. Tuesday I voted and to be honest I was told to vote because it would help Obama and so that was he wouldn’t have a harder time in office with the republicans on his back. To be honest I wasn’t focused on as to why I voted, meaning I didn’t listen to speeches (lies) and didn’t look at who was campaigning. I looked for democrat because that what I was told to do. I do have a mind of my own but with a few of the things I’ve heard from some of these people in office I was lost and confused as hell. Not because of what they were talking about or there particular vocabulary but just the nonsense they were talking about. I have no beef or personal issue with our current president and I am not trying to be non patriotic its just for both parties involved in this mid term election I feel that there weren’t running for senator, governor, and house for the right reason. Many of the folks running were trying to do there best to go backwards to how things were just a few years prior.

 During the 2008 elections I can be honest and say I didn’t watch the debate and go to any rallies and things like that. Its not that I wasn’t concerned as to who was going to be our next president its just that if the past hasn’t shown us anything is that people tell you things just to get what they want and once they got it you better believe that they go back on what they said to get there. I didn’t want to be one of those people who didn’t give a rat’s ass about any previous election but because Obama is making history I can say I was there to witness GTFO, seriously. If you didn’t care then what changed your mind? You can’t say because Obama is black and you going to witness history, there is history being made everywhere and every day why should one thing be more significant than another?  *SIGH* anyway let me say this now yes I voted for Obama and yes I wanted change but the main reason why I voted for him was because I wanted to see what he was going to do. I mean honestly out of all the lies other folks in government have told his was really believable, if they were lies. I really wanted to see what Obama was going to do and see with the power he had how was he going to use it. I mean the other candidate was just a replica of what we have already seen, heard and experienced so why not give someone else a shot. When we are little we are told to share and let someone else have a turn so why not. I mean sharing is caring.

 I am a democrat not because of my family and friends are it’s because I feel that for most of the time the Democratic Party looks out for people like me. Me, meaning the people who don’t have it all and are barley making it, based on today’s economy. There is nothing wrong with people who have ample enough pocket change in which they can purchase expensive things and not blink but the republican party are what I always saw as always looking out for the people who have money to spare and don’t have to worry about how they are going to pay this bill or keep something left on. Look I’m not looking for a pity party but I just want you to think about if the republicans only looked out for the Richie rich and said to hell with the low budget, if things turned out to be where damn near every 7th person was living in poverty what would they do next? Block themselves off or would they help out to right it off on their taxes? SMH things that go on today in the world are ridiculous, people do so much to keep up with the Joneses and put themselves in a bigger hole then what they were in.

 I hate politics because it is corrupt and instead of people using it to help they are only hurting. Politics is to be there to look out for everyone that is under that government but instead people are looking out for themselves. Sad but if this is the current what will the furure look like.

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