An open letter to my supervisor

29 Sep

Dear Supervisor,

I hope this letter finds in the best of health but nonetheless I have enjoyed working with this company for 3 years until you became my supervisor. You have to be the biggest idiot I have ever met(well that’s a lie) but your one of the top people. I really don’t understand how the hell you can still be employed and you don’t even use your damn brain. I mean seriously man come the fuck on, you are maybe about 45 maybe older and I know things start to leave you at a certain age but damn you don’t use your fucking brain.

You have been employed with this company for over 13 years and you don’t use common sense, I mean what is wrong with that picture. I know that I usually may have the occassional blonde moment but damn you have that shit all the time.

When I talk to you I literally cringe at the fact that I have to have a conversation with you. I don’t care if its email, phone call, office chat, etc. I despise having conversations with you. I would rather get something wrong than ask you a question.

Every time I see you literally want to what buddy here is doing to the broad at the bottom….(See Example)

I know if i was to actually do that I would go to jail not to mention lose my job. So its not worth it, but dammit it sure does make me think happy thoughts imagining that was me knocking your ass out and maybe hopefully knocking some sense onto you.

I personally love it when you’re on vacation or your not in the office that day. I consider those a great day. I really love it when you don’t talk to me the entire day, not only does it make my life so much better but it makes my day better too.

I wish you next email to the office is that you decided to quit(I may not like you but I don’t wish anyone to get fired these days) or take a long as vacation and just decide to NEVER come back . I know for a fact not only will you make me happy but you will do the office a favor too because nobody likes your dumbass.

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Posted by on September 29, 2010 in Life, People



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